We Offer Unique Items through Laser Cutting and Etching

From Wood Birdhouses and Birdfeeder Kits to our amazing Acrylic Mirrors and Cake Stands.

Very large selection of 3-D Optical Illusion Acrylic Etched Artwork on Multicolored Lamps.

Personalization is now offered on many of our products. You personalize with a visual presentation program.

Customization Available -You don't see what you're looking for? -- Contact Us

Multimedia collage

  • Custom Designs & Personalization

    We offer personalization on many of our items which you personalize and view real time. Our custom orders have included adding a design to a leather guitar case, making unique 3-D Illusion displays and signs, as well as modification of some of our existing products.

    Custom Order 
  • Barn Birdhouse Redesign

    We have done several different redesingns of our popular Barn with Stabes Birdhouse to include the one picture for a wild Australian Kiwi bird, tortoises, hamsters, and of course wild birds.

    Barn with Stables 
  • Customization to LED Displays

    Check out our large selection of 3-D Optical Illusion Displays. We did a custom display with Black Panther Squating at 8" tall and Standing at 23" tall. Look at some of our LED displays or contact for modifications or maybe a large display or sign.

    3-D Illusion Items