Sale $2 off on 3-D
Sale $2 off on 3-D
Sale $2 off on 3-D
Sale $2 off on 3-D
Sale $2 off on 3-D
Sale $2 off on 3-D
Sale $2 off on 3-D

Sale $2 off on 3-D

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$ 2 off on all 3-D Lamp Items

Get $2.00 off on every 3-D lamp item that you order. Each item must be above $10.00

Remote Control Bases:
Round with Remote Control features:

  • IR Remote Control
  • 24 key remote
  • 16 light colors
  • Adjust color-changing speed
    i.e., slow gradual, fast gradual, fast flash, and slow flash mode
  • Adjust Brightness

Rectangle with Remote Control and rechargeable battery features:

  • All the features of the Round Base plus
  • Built-in rechargeable 1200 mAh battery
  • Base Size: 3.93"Lx3.15"Wx1.65" H

Smartbase Bluetooth:
- Uses Marvel App free from Apple App Store or Google Play Store to control via 
   Bluetooth on your Smartphone
Marvel App:
- 16 million colors management
- Select your favorite song and Dance to Colors 
- Do it yourself color changing speed, brightness, colors, etc.
- Auto turn On/Off at any time
- Many more features - see App
Note: Base will work as the standard Round Base with or without the App.
See our YouTube Video Marvel Lights App 

Round Base LED lamp bases are powered with 3-AA batteries (now included)
                     or included USB cable.
                    Note: The wall adapter for the USB cable is no longer included

Rectangle Base LED base is powered by a 1200 mAh rechargeable battery with a
                           built-in charger. Includes USB Cable and Wall Plug Adapter

The image is done on a 4mm Clear Acrylic (Plexiglas), a versatile plastic material with great impact strength and exceptional optical quality. 
(Please note: Plexiglas still is breakable but resists shattering like regular glass).
Our artwork is laser engraved and packaged with an LED base. All shipping within the United States. 

Solar Outdoor LED Base
Waterproof solar panel
4 kinds of static light colors and fading RGB light mode
Built-in rechargeable 1200 mAH Li-ion battery
Charge in the daytime lights up automatically in the dark

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