Dripping Mirror Decorative Acrylic

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Dripping Mirror is a very unique pattern inspired by one of our customers as a special order. The shape is cut from Mirror Acrylic which is much stronger then glass and is an excellent choice where safety is a consideration.

This unique dripping mirror is made from a high quality 1/8" thick Mirrored acrylic  in 3 different size options.

Small Size Dimensions: 11.5" wide x 15" long
Medium Size Dimensions: 13.1" wide x 17" long
Large Size Dimensions: 17" wide x 22.4" long

Note: other sizes are available as a custom order.

(Plexiglass) Acrylic Mirror is a versatile plastic material that has great impact strength yet is light weight with exceptional optical quality. Acrylic mirror is ten times stronger than glass, and is an excellent choice when safety is a consideration; especially in a child's room. Unlike regular glass, acrylic mirror is resistant to shattering like glass when broken (please note, plexiglass mirror is still breakable like other plexiglass sheets, but resist shattering like regular glass).