Starship Enterprise Large Rectangle 3-D Optical Illusion LED

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Starship USS Enterprise
from Star Trek

Great for Star Trek enthusiast!

Bright, Efficient RGB LED Light Source creates a stylish illuminated USS Enterprise Starship.

Precision Laser Cut and Etched acrylic design edge lit with a Bright, Efficient RGB LED Light Source -- 18 LED's are located inside the LED edge lit base to provide safe, cool, bright light. 

USB powered and plug & play 7 RGB light colors available -- which you can set to any of the light colors you want. Flashing, fading light modes with 4 levels of brightness.

Starship Enterprise is 8 inches tall x 11.8 inches wide (on stand)

Image is done on a whole piece 3mm Clear Acrylic (Plexiglas) which is a versatile plastic material that has great impact strength and exceptional optical quality.

Unlike regular glass, acrylic  is resistant to shattering like glass when broken (please note, Plexiglas still breakable like other Plexiglas sheets, but resist shattering like regular glass). 
Our artwork is laser engraved and all shipped within the United States.

Size: Acrylic Artwork: 6.75" H x 11.8" W 
       Base and Stand: 1.25 inches tall by 11.8 inches wide

Package Include: 1 - RGB LED Edge Lit Acrylic Artwork
                             1 - 2 Piece Acrylic Supports for stand
                             1 - Mini RF Remote Control
                             1 - USB cable with Wall Plug Adapter