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A-D Laser Images

Star Wars (Section 1) 3-D Illusion LED Lamps with Remote

Star Wars (Section 1) 3-D Illusion LED Lamps with Remote

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For all Star Wars Fans


Light up your favorite Star Wars character and show off your fandom with this unique 3-D illusion LED lamp with a remote. Featuring 10 different Star Wars images to choose from, this lamp is perfect for making a decorative statement or giving as a gift. Enjoy its nightlight functionality, or control its brightness with the included remote for your own immersive 3-D experience!

Remote Control Bases:

The Round Bases come with a Remote Control and features:

  • IR Remote Control
  • 24 key remote
  • 16 light colors
  • Adjust color-changing speed
    i.e., slow gradual, fast gradual, fast flash, and slow flash mode
  • Adjust Brightness 

Images are done on a piece of 4mm Clear Acrylic (Plexiglas), a versatile plastic material with great impact strength and exceptional optical quality. Precision Laser Cut and Etched acrylic images are edge-lit with the soft glow of the LEDs to provide a 3-D Optical Illusion.

Acrylic Images and Sizes

  1. Baby Yoda Standing -------- 7.2" H x 6.8" W (On Base 8.2" H)
  2. BB8 --------------------------  8" H x 4.75" W (On Base 8.9" H)
  3. C-3PO ----------------------- 8.3" H x 4" W (On Base 9.2" H)
  4. Chewbacca ---------------- 10" H x 4.75" W (On Base 10.9" H)        
  5. Darth Vader Mask--------- 8.1" H x 5.75" W (On Base 9" H)
  6. Death Star -----------------  5.6" H x 5.1" W (On Base 6.5" H)
  7. Elephant -------------------- 7.1" H x 6.5" W (On Base 8" H)
  8. Millennium Falcon -------  8" H x 5.3" W (On Base 8.8" H)
  9. R2-D2 ----------------------- 8" H x 5" W (On Base 8.9")
  10. Storm Trooper Helmet -- 7.9" H x 5.9" W (On Base 8.7" H)                           Base: 1.7 inches tall by 3.4 inches in Diameter

Package Includes: 1 - 3-D LED lamp with the acrylic image panel
                             1 - Remote
                             1 - USB cable
                             3 - AA Batteries

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