Merry Christmas Painted or Unfinished Wall Plaque

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Merry Christmas Painted or Unfinished Wall Plaque is a great wall decoration for the Holidays.

Our plaque is made from 1/4" plywood base with 1/8" “cabinet grade” Baltic birch 3-ply wood. The layers are glued together. The base is cut as an oval. The wording is laser cut out of the 1/8" birch and glued to base. Also, the back is sanded and stained to give a complete finished plaque. The Plaque is for hanging or mounting with cutout holes.

Painted: The base layer is painted green and the top layer "Merry Christmas" painted red.

Unfinished: The base and top layer are sanded and ready for you to paint or stained and glue together.

Merry Christmas Plaque: 10 inches x 6 1/4 inches.