Off Road Adventure Mirror Acrylic

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Decorative Off Road Adventure Mirror in the shape of a 4-Wheeler

Off Road Adventure Acrylic Mirror was laser cut from Bronze colored Acrylic Mirror sheet in the shape of a 4-Wheeler Off Road Adventure and reversed laser engraved to add enhancements.

Unique colored acrylic mirrors are a very decorative that can be laser cut to many unique shapes and further enhanced with reverse engraving.
Our beautiful mirrors are made from a high quality 1/8" thick Bronze Mirrored Acrylic which is shatterproof.
Acrylic (Plexiglas) will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, etc. Excellent for inside or outside of the home.

The Overall size (widest length to the widest height) is 11" wide x 7 1/4" tall
No mounting hardware is included but can be securely mounted with double sided mounting tape, Velcro, or more permanent with contact cement.