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Modern Raised Roof Barn Birdhouse Kit

Modern Raised Roof Barn Birdhouse Kit

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Modern Raised Roof Barn style with three holes for birds to build their nest with ventilation windows on front and back. Decorative window frames and barn doors give that very attractive country feel. Birdhouse Kit is designed with 3 openings in front each separated to provide privacy for each nester. This allows for 3 families of birds in one house.

Let your creativity come alive as you assemble, custom paint, and decorate to assemble your unique birdhouse.

The birdhouse is constructed of 1/8" Russian birch plywood and a platform base of 1/4" plywood. The completed kit will need to be painted or stained to protect it from the outside elements.

All parts are laser cut for fine detail.  Non-decorative parts use tab/slots for ease of assembly; exterior glue and finish is required for final assembly.

Dimensions Standard Size: Modern Barn: 12" wide x 7" deep x 8" tall
                                            Top Opening: 2" tall x 1.75" wide
                         Bottom 2 Openings each: 2.6" tall x 1.8" wide
                                            Base: 11" wide x 11.8" deep

Dimensions Large Size: Modern Barn: 16.7" wide x 9.7" deep x 11.3" tall
                                            Top Opening: 2.8" tall x 2.5" wide
                         Bottom 2 Openings each: 3.5" tall x 2.6" wide
                                            Base: 18.1" wide x 13.75" deep

Make this your own by custom decorating and building your easy-to-assemble kit. See the picture of included parts.

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