Cake Cupcake Stand Pebble Design Pedestal Clear Acrylic

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Showcase your Delectable Cake, Cupcakes, Candy or other treats on this round pebble design plate on a pedestal stand.

For weddings, birthday parties, college events or anniversaries, this decorative acrylic cake stand will be make your items a focal point of any special occasion.

Plate has a beautiful laser cutout pebble design around outer parameter of plate design and sits on a pedestal interlocking stand.

Sturdy and clear 3/16" acrylic construction. Display plate is 14 inches in diameter and sets on a pedestal base that is 4" tall.

Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and storage. Stand comes apart for ease of storage as well. Just slide the 2 pieces of stand together and place round cake plate on top, aligning of tabs with stand.

Great for displaying cupcakes, cakes, desserts, cookies and many other pastries and treats.