Candelabra LED Candle Holder Clear Acrylic

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Candelabra LED Candle Holder Clear Acrylic

Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Candelabra is the perfect decoration or centerpiece for many event. Holds 5 LED candles (not included)

The Acrylic Candelabra is laser cut from 3/16 inch crystal clear acrylic and shipped disassembled.
Main stand is made of 2 parts that are joined in the two slots to form the vertical portion of the Candelabra and 5 decorative laser cut pieces joined in each slot to hold the decorative LED candles. A clear glue for plastic (not included) may be necessary to lock the joints together.

Dimension: 10 1/8 inches x 10 1/8 inches and stands 11 3/4 inches tall.

Note: LED candles shown in picture are not included.