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Butterfly House

Butterfly House

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A Butterfly House (Box) is a great way to Welcome some fluttering Insect friends into one after a long winter.

A man-made enclosure provided for Butterflies to rest in and take shelter from the rain or storms. This is a simple-to-assemble house with guidelines (like a coloring book) cut into the sides for the decorative flowers on each side where you get to demonstrate your artwork. Additionally, 2 unattached butterflies cut from 1/8" wood has guidelines for you to expand your artistic skills as you add color to them.

The butterfly house stands 15 inches tall constructed of 1/4" plywood. The completed kit will need to be painted or stained to protect it from the outside elements. All parts are laser cut for precision and finished sanded. Pre-finish the parts before assembly or add your custom finish once the assembly has been completed. Easier to paint your flowers before assembly. 

Measures 15" tall x 6" wide x 5" deep

Note: Exterior finish and glue are required to protect from the elements.

Get ready to welcome some fluttering Insect friends into yours after a long winter.

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