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Dinosaurs 3-D Optical Illusion LED Desk, Table, Night Lamp

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Dinosaurs 3-D Optical Illusion Multicolored LED Light

Great as a decorative light or as a night light.

Precision Laser Cut and Etched acrylic is edge lit with a soft glow to provide a 3-D illusion affect, especially in a darken area.

T-Rex: 6.9 inches tall x 7.7 inches wide (on base)
Spinosaurus: 6.7 inches tall x 7.9 inches wide (on base)
Raptor: 7.5 inches tall x 8.2 inches wide (on base)

Use the Smart Touch button to change between 7 Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White. On the last color touch button again for automatic color changing mode.

The LED base is powered by included USB cable with wall adapter or 3-AA batteries (not included)

Note: Base is manufactured in China and may be used with other acrylic 3-D Artwork. Base LED opening will accept 4mm thick x 70mm wide acrylic.

New Smart Base

The Smart Base uses "NiteApps" a mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store to control via Bluetooth Remote Control and features:

  • 16 million colors management
  • Adjust color changing speed
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Do it yourself display modes
  • Do it yourself color changing speed
  • Auto turn On/Off at any time
  • 20 favorite color settings
  • Control multiple lamps at the same time

Image is done on a whole piece 3/16" (4.5mm) Clear Acrylic (Plexiglas) which is a versatile plastic material that has great impact strength and exceptional optical quality.
Unlike regular glass, acrylic  is resistant to shattering like glass when broken (please note, Plexiglas still breakable like other Plexiglas sheets, but resist shattering like regular glass). 
Our artwork is laser engraved and packaged with LED base. All shipped within the United States.

Acrylic Artwork Only
T-Rex: 6" tall x 7.7" wide
Spinosaurus: 5.8" tall x 7.9" wide
Raptor: 6.6" tall x 8.2" wide

Base: 1 1/2 inches tall by 3 3/8 inches in Diameter


Package Include: 1 - 3-D illusion lamp (Acrylic panel and ABS Base)
                             1 - USB cable with Wall Plug Adapter